The Best Dashcam with Parking Mode

CBS News reports that one in every five accidents happens in the parking lot. One way of avoiding these issues is to get a quality dashcam with parking mode that works even when your vehicle is turned off.

Modern dashcams with parking modes have many incredible features, such as G-sensor, loop recording, etc. But finding one that fulfils every requirement of your parking safety is arduous.
This article lists various dashcams with intelligent parking modes, so you can comfortably pick the one that complements your needs.

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Why Dashcam With Parking Mode is Needed

Normal dashcams record only when the car is turned on, but what about the situations when it is parked? A survey by the National Safety Council shares that 66 percent of drivers make phone calls while driving in the parking areas. This significantly increases the probability of hit-and-run cases. Dashcam with parking mode works even when your car is parked, so you can do everything freely while cam keep an eye on every happening near your car. These can be extremely helpful in making accident claims or finding intruders.

What are Different Parking Mode Types

It’s vital to know various parking modes before installing any dashcam with parking mode;

Simple Parking Mode

It starts recording the footage only when there is some motion, making it the most energy-efficient option. However, the camera takes some time to start, so the culprit might already have left before your camera could record them.

Buffered Parking Mode

The buffered parking mode is always up and running, saving the footage to internal memory. Upon detecting motion, the camera starts recording the footage 10 seconds before the event and continues to record 20-30 seconds after it has happened. Those clips are secured in a special folder, so they aren't overwritten.

Time-lapse Parking Mode

The time-lapse parking mode records still images every second to create time-lapse footage you can watch later. Some time-lapse dashcams also switch to normal recording if they detect an event.

How to Choose Dashcam with Parking Mode

Parking Mode Options
Dashcams have several recording options, such as simple, time-lapse, and buffered. Pick the one that favors the severity of parking accidents in your area of usage.

Video Quality & Features Choosing as high-quality a camera as possible is always good, preferably 1080p and above. The higher resolution simply means clearer recording.

Field of View
The camera's field of view tells you how much area it can capture. A wider field of view means more area, but it might also have distorted footage, especially at the edges.

Storage Capacity

Since the dashcam records footage in high quality, it is crucial to have adequate memory card storage. Some dashcams overwrite the older footage to accommodate new ones to avoid manual deletion.  

Power Source

Dashcams come with different power options, such as a built-in battery and connection to the car's battery. Choose what fits your situation best.

Best Dashcams with Intelligent Parking Modes

WolfBox G900 4K Front & 2.5K Rear Touch Screen Dash Cam

wolfbox G900 dash cam with parking mode

The WolfBox G900 is a dashcam with advanced parking mode, a large 12" IPS display, and an ultra-HD 4K lens that captures crystal-clear footage. The 8mp front camera has a resolution of 3840×2160@30fps while the rear 3mp camera is 2560×1440@30fps, perfectly capturing the vehicles from behind. Moreover, the G900 has speakers and a microphone providing noise-canceled audio.

Parking Mode
The G900 offers different parking modes, such as;
● Loop recording that continues to record while covering the earliest unlocked videos.
● Manual emergency recording
● Continuous time-lapse video recording.
Moreover, the G-sensor detects a collision, and the cam starts recording the video and locks it as evidence.

Field of View
The G900 is shaped in a way that fits the vehicle smoothly. As a result, it blocks the rearview mirror and provides a horizontal field of view, which is much better than a 10" or 11" inch screen.

Power Source
The built-in battery has been upgraded from traditional lithium to a supercapacitor, which charges faster and is more durable.

WolfBox D07 4k Dash Cam Front & Rear Car Camera

wolfbox d07 dash cam with parking mode

The WolfBox D07 has a front camera of 4K(3840*2160P) quality, while the rear camera comes with 1920*1080P resolution and super night vision. The front camera also has a large aperture of F1.4, significantly improving image quality by letting more light in.

Parking Mode
The D07 combines two parking modes called G-sensor Trigger Record and Time-lapse Record, offering the best of both worlds. The G-sensor Trigger works when there is an impact and starts recording instantly. Time-lapse mode lets you record in time-lapse for 24 hours when you're away from the car.

Video Quality & Features
 Super night vision helps you record clear footage even in challenging lighting conditions with 4K WDR (Wide-Dynamic). It also records clear daytime footage to see all the details, such as license plates, easily.

WolfBox G850 Rearview Mirror Backup Camera Dash Cam

wolfbox G850 dash cam with parking mode

The WolfBox G850 comes with a crisp 12" IPS screen and a WDR camera for quality footage, which makes everything from road signs to number plates clear. Combining WolfBox's advanced technology with performance, the G850 brings you everything you need in a quality dashcam with parking mode.

Parking Mode
The G850 brings two different parking modes called loop recording and G-Sensor. Loop recording automatically overwrites older files to make space for the new ones and records for 24 hours when you're away. On the other hand, the G-sensor becomes active when there is a collision and starts recording.

Instead of a traditional Lithium battery, the G850 has a supercapacitor that charges faster and offers more charge and discharge cycles.

Field of View
The scene behind the car is enlarged by 1.5 times, which brings you a wider field of view.

WolfBox T10 Plus Plus Front & Rear View Mirror Monitor Dash Cam

wolfbox T10 dash cam with parking mode

The WolfBox T10 Plus dashcam with parking mode has a 3mp front cam with 2560x1440p resolution and a back cam with 1920*1080P resolution. It features stellar WDR technology, offering crisp front and back cam footage.

Parking Mode
The T10 Plus has both Loop Recording, which can record 24 hours. Moreover, it comes with a G-sensor which starts recording in case of a collision and locks the video evidence. You can also start manual emergency recording whenever required.

Field of View
The 310° wide-angle shooting covers multiple lanes, reduces blindspots, and offers a wide field of view.

The supercapacitor used in T10 is superior to traditional lithium batteries because it offers faster charging cycles. Moreover, it also works perfectly even at extreme temperatures of -4°F -158°F.


Dashcam with parking mode is a blessing for car owners. You can easily switch between different parking modes and ensure your safety no matter where you are. When it comes to finding the right dashcams with parking mode, there is nothing better than WolfBox. We have a vast collection of highly reliable dashcams with parking modes, so you can choose the one that precisely meets your requirements.

We also have slightly used cameras which by no means compromise the quality of the main function. So, if you're short on budget, no worries, pick these, and your wallet will thank you later.

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