With every trip, the founder of WOLFBOX explores something unknown but beautiful. Either you are happy to see the scenery, or you are happy with your travel companions, or you feel at ease because of the smooth arrival. However, accidents happen occasionally during the journey, and he can’t escape. WOLFBOX strongly believes that one of the aims that are chased by all travelers is that they can travel safely and happily. And we hope we can provide security to travelers with our high-definition recorders, which are reliable as well as user-friendly, every time they are on their way so that they can not only deal with accidents calmly but also feel and record what they see, who are able to enjoy the journey as much as possible. We work just to make travels relieved.

Who We Are

WOLFBOX is the world’s leading auto parts technology manufacturing company. As the first pioneer in the driving recorder market, with more than ten years of industry experience and product hard power built by word of mouth, the founding team has developed WOLFBOX rapidly into a multinational service organization integrating R&D, production, and sales.

Our Story

WOLFBOX firmly believes that the essence of technological development is to serve people. Backed by an expert team of engineers, upholding an ingenious R&D attitude and a humanized innovation concept, constantly polish every update and iteration of the product, every detail of the product will fully meet the needs of users. Based on safety travel, WOLFBOX continues to explore the imaginary boundaries of auto parts technology, to bring customers a comfortable and reassuring experience through trips.

Our Mission

Safely guard every driving trip, to make every one of the worlds enjoy the technology brought traveling fun.

Our Vision

Explore a blend-beauty world between people and technology,to make safe driving as easy as breathing.