Wholesale Program

Car Shop

Our WOLFBOX dash cams are widely used in main car models and brands and can bring value to your customers and earn extra. 

Auto Parts Shop

As an essential auto accessory, customers have lots of demand. As a leading brand in the market, WOLFBOX has gained the trust of our customers, and we would like to build a relationship with you to bring more sense of safety and a high-quality driving experience to our customers.

Auto Repair Shop

With the rapid sales of auto and dash cams, drivers are more focused on their driving safety and some customers need to install professionally the dash cam for their cars. Being the official designated installation store of WOLFBOX, makes the number of your shop customer increase!

Car Fleet

Aimed to decrease the cost of insurance and improve fleet safe, our WOLFBOX dash cam will help your fleet. WOLFBOX dash cam is affordable for small and midsize businesses and has been used by many car fleets already. 


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