Hardwire Kit FAQs 

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Basic Knowledge

The following is the connection method of the hardware kit, I hope it will help you.
1. Turn off the engine.
2. Open the fuse box.
3.Wire Connections: Connect the yellow wire of the hardwire kit to the constant power fuse, the red wire to the ACC fuse, and the black wire to the ground or the metal part inside the fuse box.
(You could choose to either use a voltage tester or refer to the table provided below in conjunction with their vehicle's fuse box manual to make the appropriate connections based on their preferences.)
-Use voltage tester:
①Identify Fuses: Use a voltage tester to ide ntify the constant power fuse and the ACC fuse.
②Connect Constant Power Fuse: After turning off the vehicle, locate the fuse that maintains a voltage of around 12V. This is the constant power fuse. Connect it to the yellow wire of the hardwire kit.
③Connect ACC Fuse: After turning off the vehicle, find the fuse with a voltage of 0V. When the vehicle is started, the voltage of this fuse should be around 12V. This is the ACC fuse. Connect it to the red wire of the hardwire kit.

-Fuse Box Port Reference:

DOME (Interior Lighting System) ACC
RADIO (Audio System) ACC
TAIL (Tail Light) ACC
EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) ACC
TEL (Car Telephone) ACC
ECU-IG (Cruise Control System / Electric Tilt and Telescopic Control / ABS System) ACC
ECU-B (Airbag Warning Light) ACC
POWER (Power Window Control System) Constant
CB DOOR (Electric Door Lock System) Constant

If you don't have the manual for your specific vehicle model, you can refer to this website(https://fuse-box.info/) or feel free to contact us for assistance.

Please note: When connecting the ACC fuse to the voltage reduction cable, ensure that the current is between 15A and 25A. The current of the constant power fuse should be within 30A.