Best Dash Cam Resolution Settings

Best Dash Cam Resolution Settings

Best Dash Cam Resolution Settings

In a dash cam, pixels per inch (PPI) define the resolution of the video. If the pixel count is high, it means the video quality is high and better, and it can be checked even on larger displays. But if the pixel count is low, it shows the video quality is low too; you will see a lot of noise.



What Resolution Should I Use?

Of course, 2K and 4K resolution settings are excellent, but 1080P also gives excellent results on the road… 1080P is the industry standard for the HD display.

Therefore, you can always use and trust the 1080P video quality.

1080P video resolution does have excellent quality, but interestingly, it is often the lowest in the dash cam settings. This makes people think that it’s the lowest among others or not perfect for the vehicle. However, the actual reason behind this logic is different.

Some people don’t have enough memory space to record and save the video. Low-resolution files are the best options for them. They are smaller in size and also faster to post-process. People can record and save the footage in their lightweight laptop versions easily, without putting any pressure on the hardware. WOLFBOX dash cam is a company that has been deeply involved in the field of dash cam for many years. There are various types of dash cam and high quality. It is worth recommending!

Here are the key resolution settings in the dash cam. After understanding them, it will be easy for you to pick the right setting to meet your needs.


Let’s Start with the 1080P Video Resolution Quality.

I have already shed light on its benefits, but let’s dig deeper and find some more key features about it.

So, is 1080P dash cam video quality really enough?

Yes, it is enough. It has enough pixels to watch the happenings on the road clearly while you are driving. Everyone loves this resolution as it gives the best price to performance ratio. According to experts, this resolution setting is capable of identifying the finer details.

Furthermore, it suits the common laptop and mobile resolution too. Upgrading it to the next level won’t make much of a difference, particularly if you are not keen to capture additional details or have no plan to record some thrilling activities while driving. But if you see the “only” 1080P option in a dash cam, then you need to keep some of the drawbacks in mind too.

First, if there is no other option than 1080P, it reveals the dash cam doesn’t have top-notch quality. It is just an affordable option.

Second, it is fine for average screen sizes only. If you are planning to see the videos on a 24+ inches screen, it will lose its image clarity. The pixels of the entire video will be further apart.


This resolution option is also not suitable for those who are planning to use the video for creating higher-resolution content. This can be a key problem for vloggers. Since, they require high-resolution videos to have a great and professional impact on their followers. WOLFBOX G840S is the best 1080P cam in my vision. With full HD1080P Resolution front and rear camera. 170° front, and 140° rear lens and enhances night vision.


The Majority of Dash Cams Come with 2K Quad HD Resolution.

It is because it has more pixels in its height and width format. When we say 2K, this means its footage meets the 2,000 megapixel range at the very least. This results in a more detailed recording. Especially, when it comes to reading the number plates of other vehicles or street signs on the road, the 2K resolution works like magic. The entire footage has exceptional clarity and you can feel it while comparing it with 1080P. The thing I personally love about the 2K option is you can zoom in on the video to see more details happening around your car. Even in the zoom-in option, the footage won’t have any special noise. The quality will still be clearer and up to the mark.

If you want a dash cam that can significantly assist you in court or in case of a claim, I highly recommend WOLFBOX G840H mirror dash cam. It captures every single detail and doesn’t miss any depth. In case you love driving at night, its night footage still retains clarity far better than the 1080P option.

It’s hard to tell any drawbacks of this resolution. For that reason, if some company is offering it in the dash cam without challenging your pockets, buy it. Dash cam with a 2K Quad HD (QHD) option can be your lifelong friend; once you have it, you don’t have to look for other new models over and over again, as it fulfills all your basic needs.


The 4K Resolution is Basically the Ultra-high Definition. 

WOLFBOX G850 Dash Cam – Real 4K dash cam. Ultra HD 4K video resolution can capture the license plates and road signs clearly even at night, And the car camera has 170° front wide angel and 140° rear wide angel help eliminate the blind spots of your vision which provide a safer daily driving environment.

You can call it the granddaddy of all other options. Now, of course, for a common eye, it is almost impossible to catch the difference between 2K and 4K, as both look the same. But there are some key differences which you should know.

The zooming-in option in the 4K is seamless. The footage never misses the quality and it stays smooth when you zoom in. You can enjoy super high zoom-in levels with this option after transferring the footage to your laptop.

I must say it is the king and dominates all the other resolution options in your dash cam settings. However, it does have some minor cons too.

For instance, the footage you get is heavier in size. This was a problem a few years back, but not too much now, because we obviously don’t need all the recorded driving footage. Moreover, the new dash cams with higher resolutions are smart. They record the new footage on the older ones.


The second problem which is quite real and often happens in the market is some companies pretend their products have a 4K option.

But they actually present the 2K option as 4K. Besides, even if some company is telling you the truth and really providing the 4K resolution option, there is a chance they are using poor chipsets or cheating with other components to charge you more.

The best thing you can do is buy the dash cam from some reputable company, such as WOLFBOX. Reputable companies work on quality and introduce innovative features all the time to keep their dominance in the market. Wolfbox G900 4k dash cam. 


I hope this guide will help you in making an informed decision. You now know about the primary benefits of all the resolution options – 1080P, 2K, and 4K. Now, it is up to you to decide which one is perfect for you.